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Farmers’ Market Brochure Apple

The Farmers’ Market Brochure, Help for Shoppers at NYS Farmers’ Markets, will help you to help participants shop at local farmers’ markets using their SNAP benefits, WIC checks, and FMNP coupons. Personalize this brochure with your county logo and contact information. Click Here to download the brochure.

Educational Flyers

The NYS FMNP Outreach Team has designed eight colorful and attractive flyers to help promote farmers, markets, and roadside stands that accept FMNP coupons. Choose one of the flyers below, depending on the season and availability of the produce item, and promote a farmers’ market on your county!

Apple      Broccoli      Carrot      Eggplant      Pepper      Zucchini      EBT Flyer     WIC Flyer

Fruit & Veggie Posters

The NYS FMNP Outreach Team has created colorful and informative posters available to use while conducting nutrition education at farmers’ markets or promoting local food at other events in your community.

                            Peaches                     Eggplant                  Corn                  Carrots

Technique Based Recipes

Technique based recipes encourage consumers to select a “Rainbow of Vegetables” and demonstrates preparation techniques Rainbowthat can combine a number of fruits and vegetables in one recipe. The links below offer general recipe outlines for preparing fresh fruits and vegetables as a salad, slaw, stir-fry, or stew.

Rainbow of Vegetables and Fruit Collection

Plan Events with Leafy Greens!

Greens are affordable and available throughout the market season, so incorporate greens into FMNP outreach activities at any time! Enjoy the leafy green fact sheets:

Collard Greens    Kale    Leaf Lettuce    Mustard Greens    Spinach    Swiss Chard

Make Your Plate Half VegetablesScreen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.08.10 PM

Make Your Plate Half Vegetables (English)   

Make Your Plate Half Vegetables (Spanish)  

MyPlate Northeast

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